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Calling all Christians! Let’s  stop this craziness!!  All of us have been broken-hearted over the insane and horrific killings in Tucson at the cusp of this new decade, January 8 at a political gathering outside a Safeway grocery store. So, we have to ask ourselves as Christians, when are we going to stop fighting each other? Of course, all religious faiths have sects within their ranks who fight horrifically with one another. Yet,  we are children and disciples of the Prince of Peace, who were baptized into a new covenant of love and forgiveness where we are universally and eternally connected with each other through the body of Christ.  As Christians, we are part of the eternal and universal kingdom of God where we are to live as Christian brothers and sisters caring for one another.

Calling all Christians! Please my fellow Christians, I plead for us to stop this warfare mentality among the body of Christ. No one will ever win this war of words and in reality, this wordy war will destroy all sides of the political rhetoric and destroy our ability to share the Gospel of the Good News of Christ. We should be standing together and embracing one another, not destroying each other through words and actions  of hatred and malicious strife. We have become consumed with proving that we are the ones who are right and our fellow Christians and fellow countrymen and women are wrong.When we purposefully hurt each other with warfare words, we are in reality, destroying the very body of Christ.  Jesus the Christ said that there are two great commandments, to love the Lord your God with your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Calling all Christians! Let’s take a repentant evaluation of how stoney our hearts  have become through hatred of another political party or someone else’s ideas and ask forgiveness and repent before it’s too late, before our children and grandchildren start schools of Christian jihad and before they think that one of the virtues of the Christian faith is destroying another’s person’s reputation because they interpret the Bible or the Constitution differently than we do. War rhetoric often leads to physical war. We are called to love  and forgive one another, bearing one another’s burdens, not adding to their hurt and struggles. Yes, of course, be part of the political process, but do it in a way of integrity, in a way that shows that we are first and foremost a Christian, and secondly a Democrat, Republican, Tea Party member, or Libertarian. Do to others as we would have them do to us.

Calling all Christians! Let’s take a holy and Christian fast from watching inflammatory news stations, let’s take a fast from speaking slanderous  words about another person, let’s let’s take a fast from sending emails about the perceived horribleness of another political group. Let’s instead, spend that time in prayer and doing good for the sake of the kingdom of God and for the sake of Christianity in the world and in America. Let’s ask the Spirit of the Living God to fill us with love of God and love of neighbor. We are called to love and respect all people, no matter the faith tradition, skin color, political ideology, or how they interpret their scripture. Following Christ calls us to another way of thinking and acting, one based on the incredible power of love and forgiveness, not hatred and destruction.

Calling all Christians! Let’s lay down our guns and grenades of word warfare at the cross and allow them to be transformed into words of living water bringing forth refreshment,  life, and blessing.

Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, President and General Minister of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ has a great post about the Tucson tragedy. Hope you will read her very fine comments “God’s Heart was the First to Break” at www.disciples.org

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