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Now don’t get me wrong…I believe in security checks at airports. I want  safe skies as much as you do…but have we gone just abit crazy?

Today, my 82 year old tiny, white-haired, cane carrying Mom went through security at the charming, small Santa Fe, New Mexico airport. She had been on a little “get away” trip with us as her husband of 61 years (my Dad) died exactly three months ago. She has been grieving and we hoped this little trip would lighten her downcast spirit.

The American Airlines ticket agents had been so kind to her. Then there was an announcement over the loud speaker for all of us to get in line to go through security. Mom was in front of me in the security line. She heard the person in front of her say something about metal. So she told the security guard that she had two metal knee replacements. Obviously, too much information.

She was pulled out of the line, taken to a glass booth and made to wait awhile, then the blue rubber-gloved female security officer took her into a separate area that looked like a black-curtained room where she was patted down. Then for some unknown reason, they tested the material of her trousers and found some sort of “scary” chemical (likely “dangerous” dry cleaner fluid) and called in a professional for further analyzation. The other security officers went through her cell phone, her carry-on sack, and the contents of her purse. This interrogation lasted about 45 minutes in the waiting area of this little airport in front of all the other passengers. My law abiding, tax-paying, flag waving, church-going senior citizen momma was publicly humiliated by her government and she cried in embarrassment. She couldn’t stop the tears of humiliation. When she got home she found a card in her suitcase that they had gone through her checked-on luggage also.

When she boarded the American Eagle flight, the  deep radio-voiced African American steward who has a close iconic resemblance to the angel Gabriel recognized her distress, came over to her, knelt in that tiny aisle, and spoke balming words of comfort, offered her some tissues to help dry her eyes, and pressed a special snack treat into her hands. Praise God for an angel in the skies!

What do you think, should I file a complaint with the FAA on behalf of my mother or just forget it?

P.S. A friend just informed me that last week at LaGuardia airport an elderly woman who needed some money for retirement was paid to carry a cell phone activation device into the airport and the airport was shut down for two hours, maybe this is why she was pulled out for this long security check.


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